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Our mission is to bring people together and to promote healing and growth through awareness and compassion.

Residential Retreats

We offer day, weekend and week long retreats to immerse yourself into your wellbeing and growth.

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“Our Mission is to bring people together to promote healing and growth with awareness and compassion.”





Retreat Centre



Conscious Community Living



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Our Philosophy


We have learnt that life is a journey and not a destination and each day is an opportunity to grow and learn. The choice is ours. We have both personally benefitted from the close support of friends and professionals when we have needed it in our lives. This support does not necessarily come from the places that we expected and to those of you reading this you know who you are!

We have built a centre in the South of Mallorca which is dedicated to personal growth and healing. We provide a comfortable and safe environment for people to come together to enjoy events and classes that foster a sense of connection and community. Additionally we provide guidance and host events and ceremonies using sacred ancestral plants where you can explore your inner world and become aquainted with these master teachers.

We understand the need to be seen and heard, to be able to speak your truth without fear of judgement or consequence and to feel the unconditional and loving presence of another human being.


Why Eden Project?


We believe that all of us come into this life as a perfect expression of love and awareness. The events that happen and the choices we make as we progress through life to survive in this society have the ability to take us further away from our real truth and soul essence. When we honour our divinity and free our selves from limiting beliefs through awareness and compassion for ourselves and each other we walk the path towards heaven on earth.

 Values & Beliefs

Love yourself

Learn to be your own best friend, then you can be that for somebody else too.

Humans are a relational species and we all crave connection, make your connections from the heart.

Taking care of our environment

This is from a micro to a macro level.

Nurture your body, it is your immediate environment.

Respect the planet, we are the same ecosystem.

Be the change that you want to see

We are the creators of our own lives.

Where we focus is where we go.


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