Gateway to Freedom 26th June 2021

Gateway to Freedom 26th June 2021

Welcome to Gateway to Freedom!
We’re full of gratitude and excitement to be able to invite you to the amazing celebration we have planned under the full moon of June. it would be an honour to have you with us for this very special event where we will share our visions & hold sacred space for our community.

Our intention is to bring us all together for a day of conscious raising, high vibrational activities, sharing our time together as one family, to help us all know the power we access when we experience ourselves as one.

The program has been carefully put together to allow us all to relax our busy minds & bring ourselves fully into the wonderful & transformative moments we will share together. For this reason we would urge you if at all possible to be with us from the start & enjoy the full day to get the most out of participating in the program in it’s holistic wholeness.

Our day will be hosted by Duncan & Jessica at their wonderful H house, already home to many Conscious Community events, & filled with their loving vibration.

Duncan himself will open the days proceedings, dropping us into a joyful vibe with his Laughing Yoga, before Nigel allows us to sink a little deeper into ourselves with his Heart Yoga Connection. Here we will journey deep into heartspace flavoured by Tantra, Asana & Somatic Movement to name just a few ingredients.

With our hearts open we will let the Loving vibration of Cacao flow through them as Cacao is served in a short ceremony. And this Loving vibration will inform our visions as we we sit together in our sacred Vision Circle, as we share our visions to create Community Vision with clarity & direction for our paths together.

After our circle, time for some delicious refreshment! A delicious, LovedUp, Can Dooit vegan curry with salad & various dips will be served to nourish our bodies & souls, helping to replenish our energy levels!

After lunch, Luke & John will hold a Natural Law workshop to help us understand how we can all reclaim our sovereignty, & choose how we respond to the ideas of “Law” proposed by others, be they individuals or states, or representitives thereof.

Now it’s time for Simon to start to wake our bodies up with his beautifly stimulating practice of MediChiChu. We will become fully present & increasingly aware of the energy flowing through our meridians,& expressing itself through our movement.

This will lead us perfectly into our Ecstatic Dance, with Hortensia holding space & guiding us in the transition from movement to dance. As an international Ecstatic Dance facilitator she will expertly lead us out of headspace & into body allowing the music to dance through us, painting the dancespace with our poetry in motion. It’s worth mentioning that the dancefloor itself is a very special one, being made of a high tech kinetic foam that gives back some of the energy it absorbs providing a truly incredible dance experience!

After dancing our dreams into our hearts, we will close our day as we began, with a circle, honouring each other, giving thanks, creating intention, and celebrating that together we can find all the freedom we need to be the most wonderful versions of ourselves.

After the closing circle we will be free to pass sometime together before our event finishes.

We would like to invite you to bring everything with you to make the day comfortable for you, such as something to sit on, any little xtras such as soft drinks or snacks that you might need etc. But please respect our No drugs/Alcohol or plant medicines/psychedelics wishes for this day of high vibration & heart opening….

In Love & gratitude

The Freedom Family

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  H House Mallorca, Llucmajor, 07620, Spain
}  June 26, 2021
  Saturday, 10:00 am to 10:30 pm
   Remaining Tickets: 100

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   Freedom Family

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Remaining Tickets: 100

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